Final Paper: “Presentation of the Results” (min 13 pages)–DUE AT THEN END OF WEE

Final Paper: “Presentation of the Results” (min 13 pages)–DUE AT THEN END OF WEEK 8 (Friday by 5pm)There is a Final Paper, which is due by the end of Week 8 (by 5pm, central time).NOTE: The Final Paper is REQUIRED to complete & submit for a grade.This paper will consist of TWO parts. In PART I of the paper, you will prepare a Survey Report (like in the text). The survey report should be written in the following format (subheadings):Cover page, thenExecutive summary
Introduction to the study
Review of the preliminary research
Method of research
Survey results
Conclusions and recommendations
Appendix (if needed)
In PART II of the paper, you will prepare a Plan of Action. In other words, provide specific steps, in include example, of how you INTEND or COULD use what you learned in your research study to make a difference in your organization. Incorporate specific examples.Papers require a cover page and a separate References page (not including the required page minimum). Papers should include multiple in-text citations and references, as appropriate. Papers must be written in APA writing format. This includes double-spacing and page numbers.My paper attached is from week 4, you can use that paper to make the final paper. I also need as minimum plagiarism as possible.
Requirements: 13 pages

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