Please post a photo of something in your house, apartment, work, school, car, an

Please post a photo of something in your house, apartment, work, school, car, and/or community of the law impacting your daily life and a brief statement on how it impacts your life. Example one:here is a picture of a label from a pillow and a picture of a speed limit sign in my neighborhood. The pillow label requirements can be found in US Code, Title 15 – Commerce and Trade, Chapter 2, Subchapter V – Textile Fiber Products Identification, Section 70c – Removal of stamp, tag, label, or other identification Statute (a) Removal or mutilation after shipment in commerce ( (Links to an external site.)). The law is meant to protect consumers from pillows being stuffed with something other than what is stated on the label (corn husks, horse hair). This affects my life as I like to know when I am counting sheep that I am resting my head on 100% polyester fibers! Here is an interesting article on pillows and mattress labels: (Links to an external site.).Example two:The speed limit sign lets drivers know the maximum speed on roadways. Speed limits in residential areas and on rural highways are determined by the state, county or city governments. Posted speed limits are enforceable by law. The Florida “Standard” Speed Limits are:Municipal Speed Areas: 30 mphBusiness or Residential Areas: 30 mphRural Interstate Limited: 70 mphLimited Access Highways: 70 mphAll other Roads and Highways: 55 mph*School Zone: 20 mph*The 55 MPH maximum speed limit is still in effect in Florida except where otherwise posted. Speed limits are 70 MPH on some rural interstate highways. Speed limits may be changed on other multi-lane highways. Drivers should not assume because the area appears to be rural, the limit is 70 MPH. Observe and obey the posted speed signs as there may be frequent changes from area to area along the selected roads and highways. Source: (Links to an external site.). This affects my life as speed limit signs enhance the safety of my neighborhood which makes me feel a bit more comfortable in my children riding their bikes and playing basketball. Attached pictures from example.
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