I want something that looks like personal narrative. something like first day of

I want something that looks like personal narrative. something like first day of coming to the United States as an immigrant. I will paste the instruction here. I also want a draft at first and full four page of the paper sepratly. use your own personal if you want or make up one, it doesn’t matter. 4-5 pages, double-spacedI am looking for four full pages, minimum.For example, 3 ½ pages will be insufficient.MLA format instructions.What’s your first step?Select an event that is short enough to write 4-5 pages about. If you try to do too much, you will likelystruggle. If you choose an event that is too brief, then you will likely struggle to reach the minimum offour full pages. When writing this paper, the most common mistake is that writers tell what happened when they need toshow instead. What does this mean? Example: The sentence “He was angry” does not show. It tells. To show, you must add specifics.
Help readers imagine what you mean. Try this: The gargantuan man’s eyes bulged out, he wassweating, and his hands were tight fists. He marched up to the manager and loudly shouted “Iwant my money back!” Now we can see what you mean by angry. How about this sentence: “I have a dog.”
As a reader, what kind of dog are you picturing? A black Lab? A Husky? A Shih Tzu? Whatcolor is the dog? How big is the dog? Male or female dog? Smelly dog? Wet dog? You get theidea. It is important to show the reader what you want them to see. Another example: people often say “he was always there for me.” Do you mean that he stood in
the same place, rain or shine, so you knew where to find him? Of course not; that is ridiculous.no—he rescued you, time and time again, when no one else could—or would.The example paper below does not say “he was always there for me” but instead devotes thewhole paper to showing one of those times he was there for the writer.In the case of your assignment, devote the whole paper to showing the significance of the event that is the topic of your paper.Don’t use clichés
The sample paper does not say “he’d give you the shirt off his back.” This statement is a
cliché. The first time someone said that, 400 years ago, it was cool. Now it’s a sign thatsays that you don’t know how to write. Instead, the sample paper shows one day whenLarry was that generous. Your job in your paper is to show showing the significance ofthe event that is the topic of your paper.Dialog is optional for this paper. If you choose to include it, do not overuse; use it only to move the story forward. Otherwise, it
clogs up the paper. I am fully aware of how dialog can extend the length of a paper and how oftentimes students will
take advantage of this fact. I will be watching for that sly use of dialog. Oftentimes, thisoveruse/misuse of dialog guarantees that the main goal of the paper is not clear.RubricI will evaluate your narrative paper with the following criteria: Presents recollections effectively with vivid details, and memorable, concrete images
Engages readers – starts out strong and keeps readers interested
Stays focused on the main point – no irrelevant details
Clearly shows the experience’s significance
If uses dialog, it is minimal (Dialog is not a requirement.)
o Used only to move the story along (not as a space filler)o and has “ring of true speech” Includes an effective intro and effective conclusion
Presents the narrative in an organized fashion
Demonstrates careful editing for grammar, punctuation, and sentence-level clarity
Requirements: 4

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