3 pages (900 words), not including title page and bibliography. All paper guidel

3 pages (900 words), not including title page and bibliography. All paper guidelines on listed on the syllabus–make sure you read!!!Must be submitted online and printed out and turned in to professor.Sources to use: Forgive Us bookFor each of the main topics below, 1. address how each group experiences oppression and discrimination, and 2. how the discrimination is contrary to Christian theology and biblical teaching.Paper outline/section headers. Section headers should be centered.IntroductionNative AmericansRacismLGBTQImmigrantsJews & MuslimsConclusionPaper formatting: all papers are to be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins in a Word document. You must cite all sources used, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Page numbers are to be centered on the bottom of each page.Please make sure you spell-check your work. The Title page should include the title of the paper centered 1/3 from the top. Your name, the class number, and the date should be centered 1/3 from the bottom of the paper.All papers are to use footnotes for citations and must include a Bibliography and a title page. Your paper length requirements do not count the bibliography and title page. For this class you will follow the Turabian manual style. See Canvas for a copy of the Turabian writing guide. Note all Bible references must be footnoted properly, but the Bible does not get listed on the Bibliography.Deductions will be made for failure to meet all paper requirements.Paper rubric:Content 70%Footnotes/citations 10%Bibliography 10%Spelling/grammar 5%Formatting 5%*The only issue is I don’t know how to attach the book that Is needed because it’s online
Requirements: 3 pages (900 words)

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