Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology writing question and need support to hel

Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology writing question and need support to help me learn.Read through the case study ( Energy Drink Article” ) “A Can of Bull? Do Energy Drinks Really Provide a Source of Energy?” and respond: http://gmc.mrooms3.net/pluginfile.php/5866373/mod_…Hint: The main aim is evaluating metabolic energy sources present in the energy drinks.Of all the components that you have researched, evaluate which component contributes most to calories?
Using the inference skill, explain how caffeine provides the perception of increased energy after consumption.
Write an overall summary of the case (one or two paragraphs) and, explain the physiological role of each of the molecules in your table.
Using Inductive skills, comment whether the ingredients in these drinks are helpful to someone expending a lot of energy, e.g., a runner and how some of the components in an energy drink can affect your sleep/wake cycle.
Please pay attention to the article, and imagine yourself being a lawyer and try to persuade the reader, me. Choose your side, are you against the energy companies or not? Do they really sell us energy drinks? Use the scientific energy (cellular respiration). If you have contradictory and incorrect arguments related to what energy means for our cell (and hence what these drinks give us), will not be accepted
pay close attention to the “Ingredients & Nutrition Facts”. You will need this information to answer the questions asked of you. Also included in this section is “Biochemical Information”. Use clues in this section to identify the type of biomolecule represented by this ingredient.
You should research your findings, and your suspicions, in published literature.
Requirements: 300   |   .doc file

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