Complete the following cybersecurity games:PBS – NOVA Labs –

Complete the following cybersecurity games:PBS – NOVA Labs –
Aggie Life 2018 & 2105 (Texas A & M’s mascot is the Aggies) ->’m not plugging another college. This was an engaging interactive game about computer security. I hope you enjoy.
You may play other games, but only Aggie Life 2018 & 2015 are associated with the lab.
Complete Levels 0 through 10 on Over The Wire’s Bandit [] Submit the codes and the strategies you used to succeed on each level. Codes are not sufficient for full creditHints are provided on each level under Commands you may need to solve this level
This lab is for students who requested more hands-on information security learning. This is the last hands-on keyboard-style lab/assignment/awareness project. If you want more (now or in the future), please ask 😉
The exercises introduce you to Linux (the primary operating system of the Internet) and SSH (Secure Shell – the primary encryption and communication protocol [HTTPS is subset of SSH])
If you get really stuck, there are tutorials across YouTube to guide you through each level.
Please provide the following:A screen capture of your final score/level for the Cyber Lab
A screen capture of the final score for Aggie Life 2018 & 2015
A document with the codes for levels 0 through 10 with the strategy(ies) on how you solved the level.
Requirements: just the screen shot of the results

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