When and how police presence at school

When and how police presence at school started?20 points Cite pro and counter-arguments of why schools need police (SRO) presence.25 points Refer to good and bad practices of SRO policing at school.25 points Describe the factors why zero-tolerance policy at schools became mainstream in the US.25 points You are the principal of a school in a high crime neighborhood where gang violence occurs on a daily level. Gang violence spills over onto the school campus and threatens a peaceful learning environment. Describe what policy you would imply in order to tackle the violence at school. How does this policy protect students and how does it prevent violence to reoccur?40 points Conventions (grammar spelling punctuation etc.) and APA formatting (in-text citation and references):15 points Total: 150 points Write a minimum of 7 pages double-spaced including references (but not including cover page!). Apply APA style. Refer to the textbook(s) and at least 5 journal articles news articles that we discussed throughout the semester. The references must contain at least 5 items! Turnitin plagiarism review will be applied!

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