When corporations speak of __________ they are refusing to take responsibility f

When corporations speak of __________ they are refusing to take responsibility for water pollution air pollution and other kinds of ecological damage. externalities operational contingencies social contingencies externalization As a researcher and as a student of Malthus theory you would be surprised to discover that as the standard of living increases: the birth rate remains stable. birth and death rates fluctuate sometimes increasing and sometimes decreasing. birth rates decline for males and increase for females. the birth rate actually decreases. Before the invention of the power loom textile manufacturing: was unregulated and overdeveloped. took place in family-owned shops near market places. took place in rural cottages under a putting out system. was regulated by Parliament. Kamikaze attacks resulted in very high American casualty rates during the battle for: Iwo Jima. Okinawa. Battle of Midway. Guadalcanal. The tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was created by: Sigmund Freud. Robert Maslow. Robert Louis Stevenson. William Faulkner. Our planets climate thermostat as well as the worlds chief greenhouse gas is: water vapor. carbon dioxide. methane. ozone. Cultural concepts about absolutely forbidden behaviors are called: mores. folkways. laws. taboos. Under the concept of __________ the best way to understand something is to take it apart to identify its most basic parts. objectivism reductionism exppressionism determinism Which of the following is related to ethanol production? Wind Solar Hydroelectric Biomass Which kind of energy is associated with TNT? Potential energy Mechanical energy Chemical energy Kinetic energy

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