Why the humanities still matter even in digital age and Education and Humanities

Why the humanities still matter even in digital ageand Education and Humanities Discussions will be weighted according to your participation in the breakout rooms. This is your first discussion which is part of your participation grade for this class. In a minimum of 250 worlds discuss why you believe the humanities is an important part of higher eduction or if you do not believe that premise explain why? First read the related documents before you reply so that your answer is thoughtful. You can either navigate through thepreviousbutton below or the Pageslink on the left hand navigation. There are 2 documents so you will have to navigate accordingly. You can alwaysfind all online documents for this class in Pages. Next reflect and write a brief synopsis of each writers argument. Define and explain any concepts which the article covers which the article either introduces to you or it is not part of your everyday conversation with family and friends such as pluralism. Then take a position. For instance you may explain why the concept matters or does not matter. What is the position of the writer? Doyou agree or disagree with them? State in one or two sentences your position or claim. Finally elaborate by citing specifics such as quoting from the essays themselves. You may moreover draw from your own experiences either in class or out of class. What are the consequences of that?Link

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